CBRC  Fun Fly

13 October 2012

We came, some flew and, unfortunately, a few  took home a plane needing either repair or replacement.   However, being the proverbial optimist, the modeler looks at the crash as creating space in the hanger for a new plane.   “Ya gotta love an RC’er”!

Thanks go to Arnold Heckman, Cliff Haley, Nicholas Anderson, Steve White, Dave Gould, Chuck Adamo and Don Caputo for their willingness to fly.   I would also like to thank the volunteers without whom these events would not be possible.   It was nice to run the event but even nicer to be able to sit back and enjoy it while others did the work.   Kudos are offered  to Steve Smith, John Jeffcoat and Bill Setzler.   Without the timers, recorders and registrars, the necessary administrative tasks enabling an event to smoothly proceed just wouldn’t get done, leaving the pilots without an event.   Not to be forgotten are the spectators who arrived at the field at an earlier than usual time to watch.   None of us like to perform without an audience and your participation as spectators filled the need.   Thanks to all!

For a brief period, it appeared the Fun Fly was going to be a contest of attrition.   Cliff had structural issue that precluded any flying.   At least the fix was easy.   Chuck focused everyone’s attention with an arrival in the parking lot without hitting a single vehicle!   After a short take-off roll followed by a vertical climb out, Chuck’s plane seemed to develop a mind of its own, heading over the pavilion, rolling to a near vertical dive ending in a nose first arrival.  The miracle landing had the plane resting against the rear bumper of Don Caputo’s auto, nose down.   Surely this will be a landing not soon replicated.    Nicholas lasted until the 3rd task where he landed short, removing the undercarriage from the airplane.   While there are no words that can fix a broken plane, the consolation is you flew where others feared to tread.

Several memorable moments, such as Chuck’s parking lot landing described above, were scattered though out the event.   Dave G. had a dead stick landing during the Soda Can of Aviation task that caused many to cringe in anticipation.   Dave’s silent approach from the west was low enough that the trailing can came perilously close  to the trees at the runway’s edge.   All we could picture was a limb reaching up to grab the can, snatching the plane from the sky.   Luck was still in the cockpit as the can cleared the trees, with the plane  making  a graceful landing, can still attached.   Steve W., never one to shy away from a challenge, came very close to a successful inverted limbo pass.   He avoided the dreaded “up elevator club” by correctly applying down elevator just milliseconds before passing under the tape.  Although the pass did not count, the crowd was suitably impressed by the effort.

Now, for the information you probably wanted to see in the first paragraph, the results.

Place Points

Steve White 459

Dave Gould 338

Don Caputo 338

Arnold Heckman 213

Nicholas Anderson 150

Chuck Adamo 22

I realize contestants want  scores and an order of finish for various reasons, but I am always reluctant to give rankings as all who flew are the winners.   But, it is what it is, and the numbers are as you see them.

This is it for this year.   Plan on flying on New Year’s Day and we’ll do this again in 2013!

Thanks CBRC’ers for making the Club a good place to fly.


Steve Barnett

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