FARM Float Fly at Lake Ritchie, Bealeton, Va.

Well after running out of excuses to go with Ray and Steve to the Float Fly at Lake Ritchie in Bealeton, Va.  I finally made it. I could kick myself for not going sooner, Lake Ritchie is the perfect place for a Float Fly,Wide open space, Great beach area to fly from and with the Flying Circus about a 1/4 mile away some great Planes Flying around, I saw a Stearmen, Waco, Cub and a few others. Back to the Float Fly we had approx. 55 Registed pilots from all over come to the event. We arrived around 8:30 am and the entire front area was Full of tents and pilots and planes. They had a rescue boat there so any mishaps were taken care of quickly and there were a few.  Anyone who wants to try flying with Floats or seaplanes this is the place to go.  I Flew 4 different Planes Ray’s Puddlemaster, my Mariner, a Icon and the Flyzone Beaver, Ray Flew many of his models and Steve did Too.  Roger and Susan was there as well, so CBRC had a nice representation there. at anytime during the day there was anywhere from 4 to 10 planes in the air, everything from Electric, Nitro and gas.  Well worth the Trip!
Cliff Haley
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